Radiohead have announced ‘KID A MNESIA’, a 21st and 20th-anniversary triple album reissue of ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’.



Thom Yorke and co are celebrating the two acclaimed companion LPs, released in October 2000 and May 2001, respectively, with a bonanza reissue, boasting lost songs recorded during the sessions for both records, plus B-Sides and alternative cuts.

To kick things off, the 'Creep' rockers - also comprising Colin and Jonny Greenwood, Philip Selway and Ed O'Brien - have released the ​previously unheard song ‘If You Say The Word’, which is set to eery production.

The collection is released on November 5, and comes as a deluxe LP in limited edition 3xLP cream vinyl, along with a 36-page art book), the one-off 'Kid Amnesiette' cassette tape, of which only 5,000 copies are in existence, and a red vinyl 3xLP, black vinyl 3xLP, 3xCD and 3-volume digital formats.

The art hardback by frontman Thom and Stanley Donwood - who has created all the artwork for the rock band with the singer since 1994, as well as his solo works and side project Atoms for Peace - contains the visuals created during the 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' era.

Just last year, guitarist Ed, 53, insisted that whilst he'd like to "honour" the albums for fans, he himself finds it hard to get "excited" about songs that came out two decades ago.

He said: “It would be nice to honour it, but then there’s the struggle – how can you get that excited about an album that came out 20 years ago? I can’t.

“I’m thankful it was a moment and know that it means a lot to people, but it was a long time ago.”

And Thom had teased something "really cool” would be on the way to honour the milestones.

The track-listing for the reissue is:

Side 1

‘Like Spinning Plates’ (‘why Us?’ Version)

‘Untitled V1’

‘Fog’ (Again Again Version)

‘If You Say The Word’

‘Follow Me Around’

Side 2

‘Pulk/Pull’ (True Love Waits Version)

‘Untitled V2’

‘The Morning Bell’ (In The Dark Version)

‘Pyramid Strings’

‘Alt. Fast Track’

‘Untitled V3’

‘How To Disappear Into Strings’