Robbie Williams isn't "friends" with the rest of Take That.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

The 42-year-old singer previously reunited with his former group for a tour and album in 2011 and is expected to do so again in the future, and though he knows he'll always have a bond with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and former member Jason Orange, he doesn't know when he'll work with them again because he is a "lone wolf".

Discussing getting back with Take That again, he said: "I'm agoraphobic so I'm a lone wolf -- which sounds appealing but isn't. I do have an email relationship with the boys but a friendship? There's an eternal bond that will go on until we all pass away but I'm not friends with anybody apart from the wife and the kids."

The 'Party Like A Russian' singer - who has children Teddy, four, and Charlton, 23 months, with wife Ayda Field - admitted he has a number of regrets about his career and can't bear playing his hugely successful single 'Millennium' live.

He told The Sun newspaper: "When people say they have no regrets they don't know what the f*** they're talking about.

"There's so many things I would've done differently. Like 'Millennium'. It's one of my greatest hits but I wouldn't play that song again if it was up to me.

"'Millennium'? What the f*** does that mean? On my last tour I added the beat of Jay Z's '99 Problems', just to make it more interesting for me to perform. But it's not about me. I'm not there to be entertained. I'm here to entertain. That's my job."

Robbie has worked with collaborator Guy Chambers - his co-writer on his chart-topping first five albums before they fell out - on his new album 'Heavy Entertainment Show' after they resolved their differences in 2012.

And the 'Angels' hitmaker now attributes their feud to him feeling unappreciated and their early success "running away" with Guy.

He said: "I've always loved Guy, he is my musical brother but I think the success of our first albums ran away with him a little bit. And it annoyed me. I wasn't getting enough recognition, which was important to me then.

"When our musical relationship broke up I discussed it with him. Well, it wasn't a discussion. It was me shouting and pointing my finger at him while he cowered in a corner. But now Guy knows what I bring to the table and we have love and respect for each other."