SC3 are releasing their first ever single.



The trio of Jo O'Meara, Bradley Mcintosh and Tina Barrett are members of S Club 7 but after performing as a threesome on and off for 10 years they are finally bringing out a song under their own name, entitled 'Family', on Friday December 8 with proceeds going to charity.

The song was written and produced by songwriter Simon Ellis, who was the man behind S Club 7's hit singles 'Never Had A Dream Come True' and 'Don't Stop Movin'', both of which reached the top of the UK Single Charts.

The track was originally pitched to the group as their comeback single for the full S Club 7 reunion tour in 2014.

It has been confirmed the trio - who chose the name SC3 to avoid upsetting the rest of S Club, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee and Paul Cattermole - will be donating part of their proceeds from the song to charity.

Although they are not currently performing as a seven-piece, the door is not closed on them getting back together in the future.

Rachel, 39, hopes that S Club 7 will have a 20-year reunion in 2019.

She previously said: "The hardcore fans want a 20-year reunion and I could see that happening. It will be something we'll have to talk about."

The 'Don't Stop Moving' group all reunited in 2014 for Children In Need and an arena tour.

Speaking about that reunion, Rachel said: "It was so fun when we did the reunion tour a few years ago, it was absolutely brilliant and it was so lovely to see everyone again. Nostalgia is a big thing to people and we really felt that. It was perfect for what we wanted to get out of it for the fans."

In their career, S Club 7 scored four number one singles, sold more than 13 million albums worldwide and had a hit TV show.