Finding your voice within this industry, with so many different musical genres to explore is exciting and challenging. Sometimes the music you listen to every day isn’t necessarily the music you should be making as an artist. For me, I am a big lover of soul and R&B along with so many other genres of music. Trying to understand and realise what is the right kind of music for you to write and showcase as an artist, is challenging. It's not as easy as you think.

Scarlet Baxter returns with 'Skydive'

Scarlet Baxter returns with 'Skydive'

I have tried a wide range of genres and have a fairly extensive catalogue of genres already. While experimenting with these multiple genres, I have now found a style I really enjoy and believe suits me vocally as an artist. Music doesn’t always need a genre; I knew from such a young age that I wanted to sing! I grew up with Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Simply Red, Tina Arena, Lauryn Hill even Abba, so, as you can see, I listened and was inspired by every genre, because at the end of the day it's all just good music and incredible artists, and I just wanted to make music, but, I know especially in this day of modern music it is important to find your 'niche’, and, as a new artist stay consistent with that genre. It should just end up trailing towards the music you just enjoy to make, it’s all about exploration. It is really important to listen to people in and out of the music industry, because they hear and see you completely differently to how you view and hear yourself.

I wanted to write music that would show me off as a singer/ songwriter, which includes making songs with a story and what would show me off vocally instead of focusing on an artist I thought I wanted to be which didn’t suit me. I also go on the way I look too, and what music would suit the way I present myself, down to what you wear that is really important.

At the end of the day, I absolutely pride myself to be true to myself, and would only ever make music that I truly enjoyed to make, and that is important for every artist to remember, but, exploration is key, find what makes you happy and be the artist you want to be and shows you off to a tee!