Sky Ferreira has explained the long wait for her new record 'Masochism'.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

The 25-year-old singer and actress has promised fans she is dedicated to the creative process of her second album and says he has had to go through some set backs, but she is now raring to go and making songs she's proud of.

The 'Baby Driver' star says being "at the mercy of other people" is partly to blame for the delay in releasing her follow-up to 2013's 'Night Time My Time'.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote: "I have been very quiet about what's going on with my music for a few reasons. Mostly it's because I've been working on it. I have been working on several other projects. I'm very excited about it all. I was genuinely stuck at the mercy of other people before (for almost years at this point). No matter how hard I tried, it was beyond me.I couldn't say anything because of the possibility that it would make things worse. Being silent or "politically correct" wasn't much help either. It felt way worse tbh. It has been genuine tasking on my soul & so frustrating. I stuck to my guns & that makes the process a lot longer than you would expect it to. There are so many factors to it all that would be silly to get into. I didn't wait this long to put out something that meets the bare minimum for some.GOD BLESS a majority of those people are now out of my way & those problems are being fixed ... (sic)"

The 'Sex Rules' singer says her new music will be different from previous work but has promised it is "whole hearted".

She continued: "For the first time in a very long time I have a support system to help me (music wise). It's only up from here. I'm starting to be in a good place creatively/overall & I'm very excited to put out new stuff & I can't promise that you'll like it ~~everyone is different~~BUT I can promise that anything I put out myself is & will be whole hearted & 100000000 dedication. I am planning on making something and putting out something soon. xoxoxoxoxxx ****Also I gotta point out something: I don't know why this happens every time I make a record after a decade (yoinks) of doing this because...I MAKE POP MUSIC?!?? It's not THAT complicated? (sic)"

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