Snoop Dogg likes recording in a "dark and moody" space alone.

Snoop Dogg hates recording with other people in the room

Snoop Dogg hates recording with other people in the room

The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' rapper hated the "pressure" of having to perform in front of others when he was working with Dr. Dre.

Speaking to Latto for Rolling Stone magazine, he said: "At my studio, I got a room called the Mothership, and it's like a spaceship. I like it real dark and moody. But when I go work with Dr. Dre, [he's] got a microphone [outside the booth]. So, you got to rap with everybody right here. You say some wack [thing] or it ain't right, you going to know right now. It's pressure."

Latto, 24, admitted that would be challenging for her as well.

Offering his advice, Snoop says no matter how difficult a situation is always treat people with "love" - even if they come at you with hate.

Snoop replied: "It's pressure. And I like pressure. I want to be challenged. I've done so much, and I've re-created myself so many different times. What challenge am I up for now? Who can produce me and make me better, to where I don't have to think of everything but just sit back and let you produce me?

My best advice that I lean on in a tough situation is to always put love at the centre of everything. I been in positions where I had gang members and goons and goblins wanting to do [stuff] to me. Instead of me answering the call [with violence], I answered with love."

On how he bounced back when he was dissed, Snoop, 52, added: "There was a time in my neighborhood when certain OGs didn't agree with how I was doing what I was doing.

"Tried to bad-mouth me. So instead of me going to the hood and 'pop, pop, pop,' I went to the hood and grabbed some gangsters from the east side, the west side, the north side that had never been together before, and did a project and created a brotherhood.

"I just answered with love rather than let me go down there, show you that I can keep it gangster. I can keep it business, and I can keep the homies alive."

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