Steps want Barry Gibb to invite them to Glastonbury to perform 'Tragedy' together.



The 90s pop group - comprised of Claire Richards, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, Lee Latchford-Evans and Ian 'H' Watkins - covered the classic 1979 Bee Gees song in 1999 for their LP 'Spectacular' and Claire has has revealed they would love to duet on the song with the only remaining member of the disco band, who is playing the 'legend's slot' on Sunday June 25.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "We never met Barry but he's at Glastonbury, maybe he should get us down.

"We should go on with him it would be amazing. If we went on with him we wouldn't get glassed. Can you imagine, Steps do Glastonbury?"

H is desperate to get the 'Scared of the Dark' hitmakers - who are making a comeback with new album 'Tears on the Dancefloor' to mark their 20th anniversary - at the iconic music festival held at Worthy Farm in Somerset, South West England, and so they've teamed up with the publication to get fans to sign a petition to make it happen.

He added: "Please start a petition, they had Shirley Bassey and Dolly Parton so why not us."

However, Claire, 39, admitted that in their heyday no festival would come near them

She said: "20 years ago there was no way festivals would have touched us with a bargepole."

H believes their comeback is a "nostalgia" trip and people admit to being fans of Steps now, whereas it would have been uncool to like them before.

He concluded: "We've become, dare I say, maybe not cool but retro.

"The nostalgia has kicked in and people are not afraid to say: 'Hey, I like Steps.'"

Meanwhile, the '5,6,7,8' hitmakers previously said they are up for doing further collaborations, and Lisa really wants to duet with Ed Sheeran or Calvin Harris.

She previously told BANG Showbiz: "We would love to do some collaborations. We are very open to working with people. If I had my choice it would be Ed Sheeran or Calvin Harris. I don't know if either of them would accept, but that would be my choice.

"I love Ed's new singles, I am a massive Ed Sheeran fan."

'Tears on the Dancefloor' is released on Friday (21.04.17).