U2 have shared an EDM remix of their song 'Atomic City' by world-famous DJ David Guetta.

U2 have teamed up with David Guetta on a new remix of 'Atomic City'

U2 have teamed up with David Guetta on a new remix of 'Atomic City'

Bono and co released the new song in September as they made their debut at Las Vegas’ MSG Sphere, where they've been playing a residency and just performed from for the Grammys on Sunday (04.02.24).

Before their rendition of 'Atomic City', host Trevor Noah said from the ceremony at Los Angeles' Crypto.com arena: “We are leaving Los Angeles for a moment and going to Las Vegas for the venue that everybody has been talking about this past year. Remember, no television cameras have ever been allowed inside until right now.”

The performance began on the staggering 580,000-foot LED screen on the exterior of the building before zooming in to reveal the band mid-song.

After they had finished the track, frontman Bono, 63, then introduced the nominees for the Best Pop Vocal Album accolade, which ultimately went to Taylor Swift for 'Midnights'.

Meanwhile, the band's new album has been put on pause due to drummer Larry Mullen Jr's health battle.

The 62-year-old sticksman is currently recovering from neck surgery and was forced to sit out the group's residency.

And his inability to perform right now means the 'With or Without' hitmakers can't pen new tunes.

Speaking to MOJO magazine, Bono said: “Starting work on new songs is somewhat tied to Larry’s situation.

“Could he commit to an album project? I don’t know.”

The lead singer says new music without him wouldn't feel the same as he brings a "psychic force" to U2.

He said of him and guitarist The Edge, 62, having to play without him: “It’s beyond the beyond of ‘tough’.

“It was the late ’70s, the last time we played without Larry. I think a motorcycle fell on his foot, and he couldn’t play, and we had a drummer called Eric [Briggs]. That wasn’t a great feeling, but Eric was very good-looking, and Larry hurried back – he hopped behind the kit! But it’s not just that, you know, it’s a psychic force that Larry brings.”

Bono put a planned acoustic album called 'Songs of Ascent' on hold because he wants U2 to release a "noisy, uncompromising, unreasonable guitar album" first.

However, they can't complete anything until Larry is well and ready.

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