Tom Grennan has confirmed his second album is done and "ready to rumble".

Tom Grennan busks for National Lottery in Coventry

Tom Grennan busks for National Lottery in Coventry

The 24-year-old musician - who shot to fame after featuring on Chase & Status' track 'All Goes Wrong' two years ago - released his acclaimed debut album 'Lighting Matches' last year, and he's already completed his much-anticipated follow-up, which he has teased will be out next year.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Tom said: "It's amazing mate, I've written it now, so I'm ready to rumble, I'm ready to get it out.

"I'm gonna hit the ground running in 2020 and hopefully that'll be my breakthrough year!"

And the 'Something in the Water' singer admitted it's been difficult sitting on the new tracks.

He said: "It's been so hard, to know that there's really good songs in the bank - but patience is key, man.

"I'm usually like a dog with a bone, I want want want, and I want it now.

"But good things come when patience has been sat on."

Tom recently revealed love and heartbreak are strong themes for his new music but the popular singer/songwriter says his aim as a songwriter is to help others.

He explained: "It's important, that's how people get to know you and really believe what you're saying... I want people to actually relate to the story, and it can help them... It's nice, to be able to put your story out in the world. If you help someone, bonus! That's it! And if it inspires people to try and do it as well, then 100% man!"

Tom busked for the National Lottery 25th anniversary in Coventry city centre on Monday (21.10.19), and has worked with organisations who have received National Lottery funding and can see first-hand the impact it has.

As a winner of the Lotto funded BBC Music Introducing Award, Tom has praised them for helping young artists like himself get their music noticed.

The Bedford-born vocalist said: "The National Lottery are celebrating their 25th birthday, and how much money they give to support the arts.

"It's billions and billions of pounds and it's just so important to the UK. Celebrating kids and adults breaking in, giving people the chance to let their creativity out."

The National Lottery has raised £2.2 billion for the performing arts since the first draw in 1994.

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