Twin Atlantic experienced some "dark moments" when they struggled to get another record deal.

Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic

Sam McTrusty and co came close to calling it quits when they found themselves unable to tempt record labels to sign them when they left Red Bull Records after the release of 2016's 'GLA'.

The Scottish indie rockers had been signed for a decade, and the frontman has admitted they had to give themselves a long hard look in the mirror as they had gotten to be "arrogant".

Sam confessed to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "We were trying to get a deal, we were making demos and sending them out but it wasn't working as easily as we thought it would.

"If I'm honest we were a little big arrogant going into it.

"There were dark moments of just staring at yourselves in the mirror."

The 'Heart and Soul' band eventually managed to ink a deal with Virgin EMI records for their upcoming fifth studio album 'Power', which is set for release on January 24.

And this time, they opted to self-fund and produce the record at their own studio in Glasgow and take back "control", which the 32-year-old singer instead was "the perfect gift" as it awarded them the opportunity to be more "experimental".

Sam said: "We have always wanted to have a bit more control.

"I think we are very driven and independent type of guys so it was almost life the perfect gift where we landed in the position where we were able to call all the shots.

"Before with people trying to help and guide us we were always given the easier or quickest option to get it finished or make it work for radio, but this time we were able to be really experimental and make mistakes and sometimes the mistakes end up being the genius in there."

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