Ward Thomas have recorded a virtual version of 'I Drove All Night' featuring the late Roy Orbison.

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison

The country music duo - comprised of twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy - laid down their vocals with a brand new accompaniment from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to feature on the new LP 'A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra'.

The pair commented: "We were so excited to be asked to duet with the late Roy Orbison on this great album!

"It is a strange concept to be duet-ing with a vocal that was recorded before we were even born.

"But the fact that we are still able to duet now just adds to the wonder of it. It was an honour to be part of it."

The song was recorded by Roy the year before his death in 1987, and wasn't released until 1992, but was made famous by Cyndi Lauper who had a top 10 hit with it in 1989.

As well as classic tracks such as 'Oh, Pretty Woman', 'Crying' and 'Only the Lonely', the album also features an alternate version of 'Pretty Paper', Roy's 1963 hit penned by folk legend Willie Nelson.

The record will be released on November 3, in partnership with Roy's Boys LLC, the Nashville-based company founded by the late icon's sons to administer their father's catalogue and safeguard his legacy.

Alex Orbison, President of Roy's Boys and the youngest of Roy Orbison's sons, said: "If ever there were a singer whose body of work benefits from a collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic it would be Roy Orbison. During the course of his career and after his passing it was constantly noted that his transcendent vocal ability made him something of an anomaly in the world of pop and rock and that, in another life, he would have taken the classical music/opera world by storm. Soon, we'll all be able to experience that 'life' with the release of this project. It's more than an album release, it's the fulfilment of a prophecy in a very tangible way."

Roy's sons Wesley (guitar), Roy Jr. (guitar) and Alex (drums) have provided instrumental backing on selected tracks, along with 10-month-old grandson Roy III (guitar, tambourine).

'A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' tracklisting is as follows:

1) 'In Dreams'

2) 'Crying'

3) 'I'm Hurtin'

4) 'Oh, Pretty Woman'

5 'It's Over'

6) 'Dream Baby'

7) 'Blue Angel'

8) 'Love Hurts'

9) 'Uptown'

10) 'Mean Woman Blues'

11) 'Only the Lonely'

12) 'Running Scared'

13) 'I Drove All Night'

14) 'You Got It'

15) 'A Love So Beautiful'