'Water' hitmaker Tyla has confirmed she is in talks with BLACKPINK's Lisa for a collaboration.

Tyla and Lisa's BLACKPINK are in talks for a collaboration

Tyla and Lisa's BLACKPINK are in talks for a collaboration

After teasing fans that the pair are "definitely" going to work together "down the line", Tyla spilled that they have been discussing teaming up on a song.

The 22-year-old singer had posted a clip of herself and the 26-year-old K-pop star goofing around whilst listening to ‘Art’ from Tyla's self-titled debut album, which came out last week.

Tyla captioned the Instagram Story video: “sweetest gorllll, played her some of my favourite songs on the album… Definitely a LISA x TYLA collab down the line. (sic)"

And she has since told Reuters: “We’ve been speaking about making a song together, so yes, for sure."

The viral star - who teamed up with Travis Scott for a remix of her breakthrough hit 'Water' - is also manifesting working with rap superstar Drake, 37, and has vowed to become "the biggest pop star" of her generation.

Speaking to Trevor Noah for Interview magazine, she said: "It feels like it happened very quickly. Whenever I get a new DM, I’m shocked. It doesn’t feel real yet. But I want to be the biggest pop star of my generation. That’s always been the goal, and it still is. And I really want to work with Drake. I’m going to say that in every single interview until he makes it happen."

The Grammy-nominated South African star says Barbadian superstar Rihanna's success story made her believe her "dream was achievable".

She said of the 36-year-old ‘Work’ hitmaker: “I do remember loving the story of Rihanna because she came from outside of America. It made me feel like my dream was achievable because, like you said, it’s not something that happens every day for us. My whole family wanted to be stars and it didn’t happen for them.”

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