Ed O'Brien says Radiohead will "definitely" make a new album.

Ed O'Brien

Ed O'Brien

The 52-year-old guitarist - who released his debut solo album, 'Earth', under the name EOB in April - has revealed the 'Creep' hitmakers are planning to make a follow-up to 2016's 'A Moon Shaped Pool', but there is no timeframe for when they'll start work on new material.

He told Guitar World: "I'm sure there will be another album.

"That last record was a lot of old songs, which explains the different eras of Radiohead it might have sounded like."

He added that it "will definitely happen", but warned: "But when that is, I have no idea..."

Earlier this year, drummer Philip Selway said the group are taking a "year away" from making music together.

The 'Street Spirit' band's sticksman opened up about the group's immediate future and confirmed they are having a break in 2020 to focus on other projects.

He said: "There are always conversations going on, but we've always got other projects going on.

"This is kind of a year away from Radiohead, but we will pick that up again."

However, Philip wouldn't be drawn on any specific timeline for the band getting back together in the studio.

Asked if they'd return in 2021, he teased: "We'll see. We're talking."

Meanwhile, Ed recently revealed the group - which is completed by Colin and Jonny Greenwood and frontman Thom Yorke - were planning to hit the road next year.

The indie rockers haven't performed live since 2018 and it seems that fans may now have to wait even longer because the coronavirus pandemic has put any plans they had in doubt.

He said: "What happens next with Radiohead? I don't know. We've been talking about live dates next year but that was pre-coronavirus. So we are just checking in.

"There are no plans. This album is the start of another musical journey for me. I've just turned 52 but being in music is like perpetual youth. I don't feel different physically to 20 years ago. I'm just a lot more grounded."

And the musician cautioned the band need to be "adaptable" when it comes to touring because of the environmental impact of taking a huge show around the world.

He added: "Touring was good but not for the planet. We'll have to be adaptable."