Plan B

Plan B

Plan B believes his abusive behaviour on stage is down to "crowd tiredness."

The 'Ill Manors ' hitmaker, who shouted "Slane, are you with me?" and "Come on you ****s!" at the audience in Slane Castle, Ireland, when he supported Eminem earlier this month, admits he uses foul-language to "pick up" the fans and believes they were agitated waiting for the rapper.

Talking to NME magazine, he said: "I haven't really spoken to anyone about my feelings about that gig. I think the guys there were tired. It gets to the point in the day when people just want to see Eminem.

"My way of picking up the crowd sometimes is to be a bit abusive: I'm like, 'Come on, you ****s.' When I get angry onstage, sometimes I'm angry at myself and sometimes I'm angry at the crowd. "

Plan B - real name Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew- would definitely take the opportunity to support Eminem again as it was an "honour" to be invited to do it the first time.

He explained: "Ireland was a bit tough, but would I do it again? Of course. I got to support a hero of mine. He's been a big influence on me.

"I t was just an honor to be there and be asked to do what I had been asked to do."

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