Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

You’ve heard the single, but now we bring you this exclusive play of Cheryl Cole’s new video for her debut solo single, Fight For This Love.

Whilst good old Cheryl can’t do any wrong in our eyes, what with being absolutely stunning and all that, we are somewhat concerned with how much she looks like Janet Jackson when she dons the red military jacket look.

I know it could be a little odd getting used to seeing Cheryl prancing around without her four band mates, but we’ve got to say, we think this video is a winner - I mean what more could you want? Costume changes - check, studded leather corset - check, ‘what were you thinking leopard print pants - check.

So what if it’s not on a par with Lady Gaga’s so-called art creations, we love it.

But what do YOU think? Whilst you mull it over, check out our collection of Cheryl Cole photos in our exclusive gallery.

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