On 15th October 2007, W14 Music will release a new album from one of our most loved singers, Alison Moyet. The Turn, Moyet’s first collection of original recordings in five years, is a work of surprising variety and exceptional depth - drawn together by that voice and is destined to take her career to even greater heights.Never before has Alison Moyet seemed as assured and at ease with her talents as on The Turn. This surely marks a new chapter in the career of an artist who has captivated us for 25 years, selling in excess of 20 million records and winning fervent support.As soon as that familiar bluesy voice joins the solitary guitar in the opening bars of One More Time, the listener knows that they are hearing something unique. And indeed there is an epic quality to this beautifully crafted album that comes in at just under 40 minutes. We make the journey from the soaring orchestration of One More Time all the way to the quiet heartbreaking simplicity of Smaller. Along the way we take in the darkness of Fire and the longing of The Sharpest Corner (Hollow), by way of the punchy guitar pop of It's Not The Thing Henry and the uplifting Home (featuring the accordion legend Marcel Azzola). For all the power in that incredible voice, Moyet has an impressive lightness of touch, deftly drawing out scenes of heartbreak, love and redemption with deceptive ease. As a lyricist, too, Moyet shines on The Turn.

Her maturity allows her to write songs that are heartfelt without slipping into sentimentality. The characters and situations she describes appear simultaneously to be utterly specific (the couple in One More Time, the singer in The Man In The Wings) yet paradoxically completely universal we feel she could be writing about our lives and emotions.

From 1994 Alison Moyet battled for eight years to be released from her recording contract with Sony so that she could pursue her own artistic vision. In 2002 that struggle was vindicated when she finally released Hometime, an accomplished work that achieved Gold status, earned her a Brit Award nomination and saw her receive huge critical acclaim.

It was followed in 2004 by Voice, an album of covers that entered the chart in the Top Ten and went on to sell quarter of a million copies.

Yet all of that has been a prelude to this moment. The Turn is a career-defining work, the album that Alison Moyet was born to write and record, and one that shows the artist at the very peak of her powers. With The Turn Alison Moyet has demonstrated that she is truly one of our greatest artists.

Tracklisting: One More Time Anytime At All The Main IN the Wings Can’t Say It Like I Mean It Its Not The Thing Henry Fire The Sharpest Corner (Hollow) World Without End Home Smaller

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