Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars brought his World Tour to an end last night in Manchester with a hit-filled set proving that there's more to the singer-songwriter than his knack for an infectious pop song.

The show felt more real, having more in common with a rock show than his mainstream pop contemporaries, with Mars taking up guitar duties for a high-energy, fun set.

From 'The Other Side' to 'Talking To The Mood', the crowd were fanatical for the duration of the show, screaming at his every word and faithfully singing every lyric back.

Towards the beginning of the show, the tone was set when Mars explained that it was the last night of the show and he was ready to party, before telling people to "put your cameras away and have some f****** fun!"

Hits like 'Billionare' (combined with a cover of Barrett Strong's 'Money') and 'Grenade' went down well with the crowd.

Although the near-constant high pitched screaming would suggest Mars' fan-base is made up entirely of teenage girls swooning, the audience was a diverse mix of gender and age, showing the universal appeal of his doo-wap influenced music.

The Hooligans provided an energetic, talented background to the entire evening, and Mars played off them well throughout.

Hepled along by a stunning light show, a harder, faster performance of 'Marry You' segued well into 'The Lazy Song', one of many highlights.

With it being the last night of the tour, the band were having the time of their lives, and the show's energy and quality continued to climb.

'Just The Way You Are' ended the main set in an absolutely phenomenal way, as Bruno Mars showed just how great he is as a front-man.

A two song encore made up of 'Lighters' and 'Talking To The Moon' allowed him to show his talent for both drums and finally piano, ending the evening with the entire crowd singing along.

It was a triumphant end to the World Tour, one that shows that Bruno Mars is worthy of all the success he's been given after his debut release this year.

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