Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole really is intent on taking over the world isn’t she? Not content with being one fifth of the UK’s hottest girl band, or one quarter of the judging panel on X Factor, our Cheryl has now recorded her own single.

To be honest we were a little dubious when we heard she was going it alone (no connection to Peter Andre there) but her new single, Fight For This Love, received it’s first radio play this morning thanks to celeb best mate Chris Moyles. And we think we like it.

Whilst it does sound just a little big Girls Aloud-y, we still love it, and can see it being a huge hit on the club circuit up and down the country - I know that when I’ve learnt the words to the chorus and had one too many Gin & Tonic’s (I’m on Slimming World now don’t ‘cha know?) I’ll be getting my groove on in my local nightspot.

Whilst we hope this doesn’t spell the end for the fab five, and we will miss watching Cheryl shimmy around with her GA mates, we think this is going to send her well on her way to global superstardom.

Well done Chezza!

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