Frankmusik - Do It In The AM

Frankmusik - Do It In The AM

It's been a while, but Frankmusik has returned with his sophomore effort Do It In The AM, the follow-up to 2009's Complete Me.

Even from the start of opening track 'We Collide', Frankmusik makes sure the listener is hooked with a strong beat and catchy melody to make a great club track.

The album is a welcome addition to an often uninspired electro/club scene.

Admittedly track titled like 'No I.D.', 'No Champagne' and 'Ludicrous' don't scream "inspired", but the talent Frankmusik has a songwriter, producer and vocalist make these tracks more than a guilty pleasure.

Building on his debut, the title track already proved Frankmusik still had an ear for a hit.

Whilst Do It In The AM as a record feels more disjointed that recent releases in other genres, for the kind of music he's making, it works to have an album that feels like a collection of hits.

Each song has that one hook to keep it stuck in your head, and songs like 'No Champagne' will remain rooted there for days.

Frankmusik showed on 'Completely Me' that his songs work just as well stripped down to vocals and piano, and it's this added depth that makes these songs stand out.

Much more than an attempt at a collection of club hits relying on autotune, each track here works as a vibrant, interesting song with some very nice instrumentation and vocals.

It's on the more mid-tempo, sensitive moments that Frankmusik excels, particularly on songs like 'Footsteps' and 'Wrecking Ball'.

Whilst there isn't much to write home about lyrically, mentioning it is a very minor gripe on an otherwise brilliant second album.

Do It In The AM could win over sceptics who disregard the electro/club/dance genre as mindless or lacking in originality.

Whilst it's not completely groundbreaking, Frankmusik's vocals and talent knowing what makes a great pop song mean that he avoids the "second album trap", building on and surpassing the quality of his debut.

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