Melanie C - The Sea

Melanie C - The Sea

Melanie C has had an inconstent solo career since her post-Spice Girls career began in 1998.

The Sea (her first album since 2007's This Time) never really gets going as a record, offering no surprises and little of substance.

Lead single 'Think About It' is a decent club track with a catchy chorus, but would struggle to stand out against other songs in the genre.

It's clear that Melanie C is trying to create an atmospheric record, but unfortunately it comes off as largely uninspired.

If the vocals were great enough to let us look past the bland music, then it might be a different story.

As it is, tracks like 'Beautiful Mind' feel like something we've heard before, bringing nothing new to the table.

The record, in spite of its short-comings, has a few moments of real quality.

'One By One' is a sensitive and moving acoustic track that benefits from its simplicity.

In contrast, 'Get Out Of Here' is a dark, powerful ballad that stands out as a higlight on an otherwise uneventful record.

Behind this unmemorable album is a good one waiting to burst out.

With better, more inspired songwriting The Sea could have been so much more.

As it stands, Melanie C has put out a predictable, paint-by-numbers pop/dance record.

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