Blazin Squad - Lets Start Again

Blazin Squad - Lets Start Again

When we heard that Blazing Squad were making a comeback, we almost died with the thought of another round of ghetto wannabe infused pop music with electro riffs that get stuck in your head worse than a Katy Perry single… I’m thinking that frog-like intro to Flip Reverse us, just in case you didn’t get that.

Anyway, after first listen to this single, you would be forgiven for never believing that this is a song that’s been written and produced by the same lads that told you to meet them at the crossroads back in 2002.

I know it’s hard to believe, but their ‘comeback’ single is nothing short of incredible for a band we never thought we could take seriously. Mixed with dirty garage beats and an utterly sexy backbeat that will have girls grinding against their man of the moment as soon as it’s released into club land, this single is a valiant effort for the five some.

And yes, I did say five some, although there used to be more members than there are Asda employees, the lads have now closed ranks, and it’s only buff frontman Kenzie, streetwise Marcel, the brooding Mus and James or the super hot Lee that are making the bangin’ tunes these days.

blazing squad

With a very grown up video which was shot in Tokyo, Japan, the boys have well and truly left their trackies, barbed wire and fake fires back in 2003 and dragged themselves right to the forefront of the UK garage scene with their grungy R n B sound.

Although people would like to think that these guys are still to So Solid Crew what S Club Juniors are to S Club Seven, I can promise you one thing - Blazin Squad have come so far with their new single, that it’s just a case of So Solid Who?

But just to be 100% certain, we gave the lads a makeover to take them from Street to Chic… get out all the shenanigans from our Blazin Squad makeover here

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Photo - Mark Forrer