Laura White

Laura White

Laura White is, without a doubt, my favourite X Factor contestant EVER, and when she got booted out of the show last year I was certain that she’d be popping up on the charts sometime soon!

So, it might have taken her almost a year to release her debut single, but over at FF HQ we think it’s more than worth the wait, considering the fact that she looks GORGEOUS and sounds as fantastic as ever.

Whilst she might not be hitting the big notes like she did on the X Factor, this single sees our Laura give the likes of Rihanna and Duffy a run for their money - with it’s cool R n B vibe, Laura has proven that she deserves a place in the charts, and I’m hoping she kicks some ass in the coming weeks with this track.

Looking rather delicious in the video, and hanging about with three particularly hunky blokes, Laura hasn’t half done herself proud, and I’ve even go as far as to say this song outshines Alexandra Burke’s first ‘real’ song as well.

Hailed as the "new Amy Winehouse" during her time on the X Factor, we think LW is a far less frightening version of the derailed star and is perfectly poised to take off when Wine-O left off before heading over to the Caribbean for some kind of holiday / detox.

Plus, Laura has lost a massive two stone in the past twelve months and set up her very own label, so we have got to hand it to her, she looks as though she’s going to shake up the music industry in the coming months, and we take out hats off to her.

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