Who can resist a bit of the old Shakira eh? Back when her hips didn’t lie we all knew that belly dancing was going to take her far, and sure enough, a couple of years down the line she’s back again… this time with She-Wolf.

Okay, so the song itself might not be that great (it could be a grower), but it’s the video that has sent Shakira to the top of the pile for this week’s Song Of The Week… taken from her forthcoming album this single is hopefully just a teaser of what else we can expect from the rest of 2009.
The thing I love about it though is the way Shakira is acting about like a Lady Gaga impersonator who just hasn’t got that ‘edge.’

I mean, there’s no denying Shakira is stunning, but wearing the nude body suit to give the impression or being naked….? Gaga’s been there, done that. And as for throwing her legs around and pulling all manner of bizarre dance poses… it’s just not unique anymore love.

On it’s own though Shakira has once again delivered a quirky slab of her ever-so wonderful pop music in her own style, it’s just a shame that she is trying to make a comeback now, when there are so many other great female solo artists around vying for position.

Rating: 3/5

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