VV Brown

VV Brown

When it comes to VV Brown, until about a hour ago all I knew was that she had to potential to be Lady Gaga’s fashion rival, and that she had a pretty good voice to boot… but since hearing Shark In The Water, oh how my views had changed.

You must understand how many ‘future stars’ and ‘amazing new singer/songwriter’ I get told about in this job, and usually I just nod politely and promise to check them out and make them the next big thing… it’s very rare that I actually find myself getting goose bumps when I hear their songs.

I mean, to be honest, singer/songwriters have never really done it for me full stop, as I usually find them pretty boring and depressing to listen to, but as I’d promised my friend I’d listen to this song, I really started to eat my words.

VV Brown could in fact be the woman to convert me to this so-called ‘mainstream, cool music’ because if Shark In The Water is anything to go by, I’ve been missing a real treat here.

This song starts like your regular happy-go-lucky song, with the video featuring people riding around on bicycles with baskets on the front… but it’s when the powerful, heartfelt chorus kicks in that you really take a breath and think, “Shit, this song is awesome.”

So, it seems the claims that what the press have been saying about this lady finally has some truth in it at last; she really is one of the ladies to watch out for in 2009...

And I think she looks better than Lady Gaga too.

Rating: 5/5

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