Matt Cardle - The Fire

Matt Cardle - The Fire

Artist: Matt Cardle

Album: The Fire

Label: Silva Screen Records


Rating: 2.5/5

After the success of his debut solo record Letters in 2011 Matt Cardle is back this week with his new record The Fire.

It’s Only Love is the opening track to the record and it has an upbeat feel to it with a rockier edge compared to the material that he has put out before.

He has kept the guitar and the piano melody straight forward and in doing so created a catchy and very radio friendly track.

The Fire and For Every Heartbreak he channels a more pop/soft rock sound while he brings the pace right down with Water.

Water is possibly the standout track on the record as it is the most emotional and moving as Cardle pours everything he has into this song.

Cardle shows off his range beautifully with this track and the top end of his voice really is very good - not to mention powerful.

The singer/songwriter has drawn from personal experiences when writing some of these tracks and All That Matters is the best demonstration of this.

This is the only track that Cardle has written on his own for this album and is about the difficulties he had in his last relationship.

It is the most emotional that we hear Cardle on this track as he opens his heart and how he was feeling at time and lets people in.

There is no doubt that Cardle has a great voice but this collection of tracks are all just a little bit too similar and really lacks that something that will make you sit up and take note.

This is a perfectly adequate pop album but Cardle hasn’t really done anything to make himself stand out from the whole host of solo male albums that have been released so far this year.

Having said that there is more of a heartfelt feel to this record and he has also had a hand in penning the tracks and so you feel like there is more of his in this collection of songs.

Matt Cardle fans will be delighted to see him back with some new material but for none fans listening to this record it will leave them under whelmed.

Matt Cardle - The Fire is out now

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