Alison Moyet - The Minutes

Alison Moyet - The Minutes

Artist: Alison Moyet

Album: The Minutes

Label: Cooking Vinyl


Rating: 3.5/5

It was back in 2007 when Alison Moyet last released an album but now she is back with her new record The Minutes - which sees her move away from just a pop sound to mix in elements of dub-step, electronica and hints of R&B.

The Minutes is a very brave record as it sees Moyet tackle a different sound yet vocally she is as powerful as ever.

Horizon Flame immediately shows that The Minutes is going to be more of an experimental album for Moyet as this track has a sound that you just don’t expect from this artist.

There is a real dramatic feel to this track that creates an atmosphere and an ambience that just draws you in. Moyet’s vocal has a seductive quality to it on this track while the electronic elements give that song that punch.

The mix of strings with more produced and electronic sounds works really well and it does create this wonderfully captivating sound.

Changeling has more of a robotic R&B feel to it - and is couldn’t sound more different from the opening track.

Right As Rain is another stand out track as Moyet mixes the sound up again as this more of a punch dance floor track.

Once again the lower end of Moyet’s voice has almost a hypnotic and seductive quality to it and it works well with the club feel of the backing track.

The Minutes may not be to everyone’s taste as it is an album that swings from darkness to light from start to finish and shows off a very different side of Alison Moyet as an artist.

It is great to see her embrace such a wide variety of sounds and genres and yet she makes it all seem so effortless.

Alison Moyet - The Minutes is out now

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