Just last year she underwent a double mastectomy after breast cancer returned for a second time, but that didn't stop Anastacia from fighting and coming out on the other side happy, healthy and back on the music scene where she belongs.

Following the lead single 'Stupid Little Things' - an exciting and intense track that throws back to the music that ensured the world fell in love with Anastacia - comes the album 'Resurrection', her first collection of original songs since the release of 'Heavy Rotation' in 2008.

First track 'Staring At The Sun' showcases the raw passion and drive she possesses, whacking the song out of the ball park and proving she still has that unique vocal and ambition to succeed and get through anything life throws her way.

This continues with 'Lifeline', a slower yet just as fantastic track with emotion woven within every lyric.

She strips back the self-named 'sprock' (soul, pop and rock) sound for 'I Don't Want To Be The One' where she details and explores the idea of a relationship coming to an end, despite reservations about breaking apart from what used to be a loving partnership. Production is done well, and just when you think the song is coming to an end a fast-paced piece of instrumental brings you right back.

'Evolution' begins laced with attitude, and as Anastacia sings "it took everything to have to come this far" she's easily believed. Having life experiences such as the ones she's had must provide a wealth of opportunities as an artist to use those past pains and troubles for your art, and this is something she does well.

Whilst 'Pendulum' could be classed as a little repetitive and not one of the most impressive on offer here, what follows in 'Stay' is a beautiful example of what Anastacia can truly do if she puts her voice to the test and pushes her harmonies to the limit.

"I'm not ready to go just yet", she sings, sounding as if she's on the edge of tears when the song comes to an end, and I'm right there with her.

Once again, the heart-strings are tugged on with 'Apology'. There's something about this woman's tone that is so utterly fascinating, able to pull you in and draw your attention within just moments and keep you right up until the very last second.

Though I would have preferred an upbeat bop to finish off the album, 'Broken Wings' isn't a disappointment. She acknowledges that despite her 'broken wings', she's still able to do anything if she puts her mind to it. She's somebody you want to root for, even if you've never been a fan before.

'Resurrection' is not only a testament to Anastacia's talent, but her willingness to conquer and "rise from the ashes". She deserves to regain that major success she's seen in the past, offering an album that reeks of pure honesty, experience and above all, triumph.

Anastacia's 'Resurrection' is released May 5.

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