Effie's single 'Addicted'

Effie's single 'Addicted'

Packing a punch with 'Addicted' - the opening track and lead single from her EP - Effie proves that good production with a distinct vocal can ensure a song is embedded in the brain of your listener within just moments.

Effie isn't just singing with her songs, she's hoping to convey a story. 'Addicted' is a love letter to a former boyfriend of her need and desire for their relationship.

Her efforts here don't go unnoticed. Though voice manipulation is used and is noticeable, it's not distracting or enough to make you want to turn off. Instead, it's utilised to turn the music included into something different to a lot of what many of us have heard before.

Comparisons to Frank Ocean may be a little premature, but it's not difficult to see just why statements such as this have been made - she's unafraid of being bold in her musical ventures and for that, she should be applauded.

That's not to say this is a record without blemishes. There are slight issues I have with choppy sounding audio at times, but on the whole it blends together quite well. A strong debut which leaves much promise for Effie's future ahead.

'Addicted' is released as a single on May 26, with the EP 'Conquer' expected to follow soon after, as well as live show dates.

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