1) Heartbeat Song

A catchy, melodic tune with an upbeat and infectious tone, this is the perfect pop tune for Kelly to have kicked off her record.

Out Now

Out Now

2) Invincible

Slowing things down, Kelly's back to balladry which are where her vocals really shine, but here they sometimes seem to get swallowed up by over-production.

3) Someone

Katy Perry, is that you? Kelly's vocals here are so reminiscent of the popstar that I thought a 'Prism' cast-off had crept its way into the collection. Lyrics are resonant and powerful, as well as Kelly's voice which can shine here.

4) Take You High

The first real dance track on the record, it's a slightly forgettable piece that'll have you toe-tapping but not going back for seconds.

5) Piece By Piece

More memorable than the song that came before it, this is one that should be in contention for future single. Kelly gives her lungs a workout and the hook is to die for.

6) Run Run Run feat. John Legend

Kelly couldn't have chosen a more fitting collaboration partner than John Legend, as the two blend their voices effortlessly and soothingly together in the best ballad in this collection.

7) I Had A Dream

Yes, yes, yes! This is the tune I've been waiting for. Modernised Kelly Clarkson is truly something to behold, as she manages to weave in the greatness of her back catalogue whilst still feeling very much up-to-date, rather than dated.

8) Let Your Tears Fall

She's on a roll now, with another potential pop classic proving she's more than just an afterthought of the genre. Despite this there's a significant lack of a 'WOW' moment, but still, the notes are hit.

9) Tightrope

Sounding like another Katy Perry 'Prism' cast-off, it's at the very least an impressive ballad with plenty of 'oos' that cement Kelly as one of the most talented vocalists in the pop genre.

10) War Paint

Another one that's unfortunately forgettable, I can't quite get over the similarities in tone and vocal from Kelly and Katy at this point and am willing her to give me something else.

11) Dance With Me

Here's what I asked for - half a minute in and Kelly's giving it some welly. Towards the end it feels a little repetitive but it's a nice little track.

12) Nostalgic

Raise the roof Mrs Clarkson! Though we wish this track was just a little longer it's definitely a gem of the collection, with Kelly finally pushing herself and reaching even higher notes than we've been subjected to thus far. Should be another big contender for future single.

13) Good Goes The Bye

Ending on a mediocre track, this album has been a little bit 'samey', but still managed to show off Kelly's talent and her reasons for still being in the music industry following her American Idol win 12 years back. Good on her for refusing to give up - it'd just be nice to see something that challenges her a little bit more next time.

Kelly Clarkson's new album 'Piece By Piece' is out now.

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