Lady Gaga is back with her brand new studio album 'ARTPOP'.

The collection of tracks kicks off in style with the unique 'Aura', combining Middle Eastern melodies with some attitude-laced vocals and a chorus like no other. Controversial, perhaps, but one heck of a song.

'Venus' and 'G.U.Y.' follow - unique and exciting tracks with great production value, and while they may not strike the right chords immediately, a few listens and they'll be growing on you at a rapid pace.

One of her best songs to date - 'Sexxx Dreams' - comes next, and without too much of a heavy bassline or overproduction it manages to impress on a completely new level.

Her versatility is shown on 'Jewels N' Drugs' - probably not everybody's cup of tea, but the proof (if she ever needed it) that she isn't just a one trick pop pony.

'MANiCURE' is the best of the album - rock-based with pop vibes and perfect guitar solos that'd sound great in the clubs. This needs to get the single treatment from Gaga and her team - it'd be such a waste to see it ignored.

What can be said about 'Do What U Want', other than it's the perfect hit back at critics who slate her for trying her damn hardest at everything she puts her hands to? The R Kelly addition is a welcome one, and should keep the mouths shut of those who opposed his feature on the album before even hearing his verse.

The title track is absolutely stunning, with banshee-like calls on the backing track that really add to the eerie yet laid-back feel of the tune.

Personal track 'Swine' is another that has the ability to set the nightclub scene alight, with some fantastic EDM and distorted vocals that do well to resemble the animal itself.

An alter-ego is used throughout 'Donatella' - or so we'd hope - as Gaga sings about being a "rich b**ch" on yet another fabulously produced track.

Similarly, 'Mary Jane Holland' states "I am rich as p**s", but it doesn't take away from the greatness of the rest of the tune.

'Fashion!' and 'Dope' are personally my choices for weakest of the album, but that isn't to say they're completely awful. Every song here has something to offer.

'Gypsy' dazzles, exploring the notion of travelling the world and being a popstar, having to make each and every country you visit your home.

Ending on the under-appreciated 'Applause', the album does indeed get a raucous hand from me.

EDM-infused smashes come time and time again - she's really hit the nail on the head with what she was trying to achieve.

The album is - well - a work of art. It runs in perfect order, as if it were made as the soundtrack to a musical with only a few blemishes that Gaga manages to powder up and gloss over without too much effort.

A stellar contender for the album of 2013 - Gaga's got away from preaching and is working hard on getting us to 'Just Dance'. Bravo.

'ARTPOP' is released November 11.

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