Opening with the genius debut original single 'Air Guitar', McBusted are instantly on to a winner with their very first album together as a supergroup.



Collaborating with Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 on the short but sweet 'Hate Your Guts', they bring the punk side of their bands together and push it to the forefront, recapturing the essence that longtime fans should be used to from their earlier material.

Written by James Bourne - formerly of McBusted - 'What Happened To Your Band' is a sass-packed tune in which he has in the past commented on the inspiration behind.

"When I used to do my shopping, the lady at the till would be like, 'What happened to your band?' Everyone asked that question." he told Digital Spy. It's one of the best included, bringing relatability to the despair celebrities may feel following a fall out of the public eye, comparing it to a break-up between band and fan.

'Get Over It' is a catchy bop, followed by the first chink in the armour 'Riding On My Bike' which begins with an attempt to come across as unique and edgy but falls flat on its face. The effort to be reminiscent of a video game is something to be admired, however.

This isn't an album drenched in high emotional intelligence and maturity - instead there are jokes and puns popped in here and then which land at times and fly over your head at others - but is having fun something to really blast McBusted over? At the end of the day, the music's still for the most part on the good to great side.

Unafraid to poke fun at themselves, their chemistry as a fully-fledged band who actually play their own instruments whilst also providing vocals is a welcome and refreshing addition to the current crop of pop groups in the business today.

This is a great new beginning for the band who should spawn a lot more material going forward - the fans will be over the moon with this effort.

'McBusted' is released December 1.

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