Keston Cobblers' Club are a beautiful, quirky band.
EP Cover 'A Scene Of Plenty'

EP Cover 'A Scene Of Plenty'

Keston Cobblers Club are a quintet with their own distinctive sound, with traditional feeling melodies and a mixture of banjo’s, accordion’s and guitars, this folk group are well on their way to popularity in the folk world. The band is made up of, Matthew Lowe, Juila Lowe, Tom Street, Harry Stasinopoulos and Bethan Ecclestone.

A Scene of Plenty is their new EP and is a foot-stomping musical extravaganza. With the help of folk and indie influences, the band has certainly put a new and exciting spin on traditional folk music. The result is a truly unique collection of songs showcasing great skill and a real ear for interesting arrangements, melodies and lyrics.

The album opens with an upbeat number titled The Children Who Wear Socks on Their Heads, leading with accordion and percussion the introduction is powerful. The singers on this track and throughout the whole EP demonstrate raw talent and sing with such compelling tones that allow stories to be told with real honesty and passion.

The second track, Beam starts with a fluffy melody and easy-listening vocals. When the harmonies begin, the male and female vocals soar to create a beautiful sound. We Will Heel Your Soles, begins with a banjo and then teams up with the full and rich sound of brass instruments.

Castle is a contrast to the livelier pieces on the EP, the arrangements are slightly more delicate arrangements and we feel the influence of folk strongly through the lyrics and the melody. I really loved the lyric ’See I will spoil you every day and build that castle in your name.’ I felt that this lyric ended the EP nicely, leaving the listener with lifted spirits.

Their music is widely appreciated by critiques, Steve Lamacq from BBC Radio 2 said 'Where did this band come from? One of the best new discoveries I've made.' XFM also made a shout out to say that 'Keston Cobblers' Club are a beautiful, quirky band.'

The EP is a perfect soundtrack for summer. They are an ideal band for festivals; their sound has the fabulous banjo plucking which reminds me of Mumford & Sons. This EP is a real gem; this band has been an exciting find. I predict excellent things for this band in the future. 

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