Album Cover 'Pressure'

Album Cover 'Pressure'

Kitten Forever kicks off their album Pressure with a 43 second track that mostly consists of words including ‘Do you wanna get loud?  Yeah, you know you wanna’ over and over again, punched out vigorously through your speakers; honestly it isn’t the greatest start to an album.  

The second track isn’t much longer, Cry Baby is 1.44 seconds long and even though the song sounds promising with the diminishing electric guitar intro, the vocals whine and drawl over the loud music. I’m not saying that the vocalist is bad; this band just isn’t my taste at all.

Little Beasts has a little more promise but it still sounds similar to the last two tracks, what this band needs is some individuality in their collection. Rat Queen definitely succeeds with this; there might be a similar array of guitars and vocals. However, there is a difference in style which should remain throughout the album.

Blood Song has a nice contrast of soft moments and shout moments. I liked this song because it wasn’t in your face for two minutes; it had a few gentle sections that please the ears. Double Disco is also easier on the ears. This track is probably one of the only ones on the album that I fully enjoyed.  

Kitten Forever is an all-female rock band who has just released their album Pressure, their second release on Minnesota’s own Guilt-Ridden Pop independent record label. The band is another bold, feminine punk rock band with only one trick up their sleeves.  

The Minneapolis trio, Liz Elton, Laura Larson and Corrie Harrigan may be considered the best punk-rock girl band by some but for me they didn’t excite. There was very little guitar in the songs, a lot of heavy bass that droned out the vocals on several occasions. There were 13 songs on the album but it didn’t feel like it because the songs were individually so short.

Judging by the attitude portrayed in their songs I don’t think these girls would care if I said I didn’t like their music. I don’t hate punk-rock; I just find it loud and a little too hard-core for my personal music tastes. If you love this kind of music then this band is most definitely for you.

Pressure is available on a limited edition double 7” with digital download and can be ordered now or streamed on the band’s band camp page.

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