If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's attention to detail and being able to stand out from the crowd.

This is something attended to with the 'Life & Times' Last Ten Collector's Edition I've been sent of Noah Francis Johnson's latest body of work.

All humans love opening things. It's why we give and receive presents - the element of surprise and intrigue is something that can really put a smile on our faces, and when that's coupled with the strong smell of high quality paper and card, you're on to a winner.

Presented in a packaged slipcase which holds notes on each and every song on a separate postcard as well as the CD case - a booklet with lyrics to each tune, a prologue and dedication - the consumer should truly feel special. Everything down to the individually numbered CD and handmade case shows a true labour of love.

Now, onto the music. Soulful and incandescent throughout, he held me from start to end without wanting to pause, and yearning for more when the collection came to an end.

When the tracks are soft - such as 'Try' - the music is at its best as we can almost fully appreciate the talent shown, and he really comes into his own with passionate and emotive verses.

The music seems almost tragic at times - this is a man who has been through a lot or is good at making us believe he has - and being able to convey that through his music is something special indeed.

Taking the slot as the perfect soundtrack for those who want some easy listening, Noah Francis Johnson hits all the rights notes, and should be proud of such a fantastic piece of work.

Noah Francis Johnson's 'Life & Times' is released February 24.

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