One Direction have released their fourth album, the aptly named 'FOUR', and after my first listen I've done a complete U-turn on the group of five boys that used to rile me with their huge success.

Their previous offerings have been catchy pop tunes that appeal to the mass market and audience without really holding any substantial ground - for me at least - and so when I settled down for my first listen of this new LP I simply expected more of the same.

But here with 'FOUR' the five boys sound better than ever, picking up a different sound on songs they admit themselves are finally ones they'd enjoy listening to. It shines through as they genuinely sound like they're invested in each and every song.

With an added sense of maturity and an understanding of just how to harmonise with one another, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall all manage to individually prove why they belong in the world's current biggest boyband, and just why that group of five works so well together.

'Fool's Gold' and 'Night Changes' are two incredible pieces, passionate and far away from what you'd expect from the boys. Reminiscent of their best release before this album - 'Little Things' - the layers of talent stack upon one another for this record.

Not quite rockers but definitely moving away from the pop pool in which they were spawned and moulded, they've proven now to me just why they're such a force in the industry. And whilst their fans would likely remain blindfully loyal no matter what the content, the group and their millions of 'Directioners' now have something to truly be proud of.

One Direction's 'FOUR' is out now.

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