Paloma Faith is back like we've never seen her before, with a 15-track deluxe edition of her brand new studio album 'A Perfect Contradiction'.

Before I get to the music, can I just give major props to the album artwork. Here it is in all its fantastic glory:

Standard edition
Deluxe edition

Now, opening with her lead single 'Can't Rely On You', Paloma collaborates with Pharrell Williams (who also wrote and produced the track), as he takes backing vocals throughout the upbeat, reggae-soul tune.

'Mouth To Mouth' and 'Take Me' follow, tracks nothing like what we've heard from Paloma in the past. She seems to be in a joyous place and is celebrating that rather than dwelling in the drama and upsets we've explored with the artist in previous records 'Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?' and 'Fall to Grace'.

They are touched upon with 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' 'The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)' and 'Love Only Leaves You Lonely', which all show off just how far she can push her range and hold a note singing a sad song, but the funk is brought back with 'Other Women' and 'Trouble With My Baby', where you'll be hard-pressed not to be tapping your feet along at the very least.

Deluxe tracks include live renditions and an 'exposed' edition of 'It's The Not Knowing', and add another element to a fantastic offering.

Paloma belongs in a luscious lounge while dozens of guests sit back and bathe in her pleasant, unique tones, drinking martinis and getting utterly off their trollies. She's 1930s glam, completely likeable and utterly fascinating, with vulnerable twangs to a powerful and intense voice that wraps you up in soft cotton and keeps you warm from beginning to end.

Three albums in and I'm still not bored as she continues to prove that she's deserving of much more attention and airplay than she seems to get. Paloma is clearly doing something right, and those choosing to ignore her need to take note.

Paloma Faith's 'A Perfect Contradiction' is released Monday, March 10.

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