Slated as her most personal album to-date, this new self-titled record from Pixie Lott kicks things off with the radio-friendly 'Nasty' and latest single 'Lay Me Down' - a lead that's campy and fun to listen to, and a follow-up that is more of the same, but with a more relatable and detailed edge alongside an incredibly infectious chorus.

Pixie is easing her fans in with tunes that are typical of those she's released in the past, but moving into ground she's left mostly untrodden before, slowly but surely.

'Break Up Song' allows Pixie to show off her tender side and her vocals particularly towards the end of the track show just how much she's grown since she first exploded onto the scene.

"I'll be Rocky Balboa!" cheers Pixie in 'Champion', a slick pop number that comes before unbalanced relationships are addressed in the pleasantly upbeat and slightly rock-infused 'Kill A Man'.

Any fronts are dropped completely for 'Ain't Got You', possibly inspired by the Alicia Keys hit of the same name and instantly exposing Pixie's emotions for all to hear. It'll be one the super-fans connect with immediately.

Passion seeps through 'Heart Cry', and twinges of what seem like anger can be heard ahead of 'Ocean' which again takes the fast tempo route whilst exploring issues that look to be close to her heart.

'Raise Up' brings out the soul some will remember from her earlier days, and a powerful instrumental ensures it's a song you'll remember going away from the record. Instantly a favourite.

"Guns are shooting / People looting / Sirens blaring / The world is done" isn't something I expected, and makes for a confusing listen as the lyrics are followed with Pixie promising she'll "go out with a bang". It doesn't seem to sit well amongst the rest, but was likely chosen for its 'stuck-in-the-head' repetitive melodies included.

Thankfully, 'Leaving You' goes back to basics with a simple choir and piano backing up some fantastic vocals before a drum kicks in but does well not to ruin the moment. This is everything I wanted when I was told this was going to be a "personal" record.

Ending things is 'Cry And Smile', which for the first 45 seconds is completely acapella. A bold move, but it does pay off and when coupled with the song that came before it, I can't help but long for more like them.

Trimming the collection down by a couple of songs and making this a 10-track album would have done it wonders, but nevertheless, it's a strong offering that cements Pixie's position as one of the most talented British talents of recent times.

'Pixie Lott' is released Monday, August 4.

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