Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is gearing up for the UK release of her debut LP 'Night Time, My Time'.

The young star-in-the-making was signed to Parlophone at 17 years old, releasing pop singles including 'Obsession' that garnered her steadily a flock of loyal fans that have been awaiting this record for some time.

'Boys' introduces her debut album - an otherworldly and somewhat mysterious track that infuses her pop vocal with alluring backing instrumental, and that element refuses to let up throughout the rest of the record.

She refuses to stick to a linear direction or a single genre, instead combining multiple sounds with differing results.

For example, 'Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)' is a brilliant indie/pop/alternative/rock track that sounds nothing like anything in the charts right now - and there must be a market for.

However, 'Omanko' tries a little too hard and is too heavy on production - it's more headache than headbanging.

That being said there are definitely standout moments here, and this could absolutely be her time to take that next step as a star of today into the world of major success.

Her sombre and slower songs are moments of greatness, they let you in ever so slightly and showcase a vulnerable side to the brash persona.

Experimenting with electronic sounds and the fusion of different styles, Sky does come off as a musician who's still trying to figure herself out - she's a pop enigma that should continue to thrive, and when she does find her footing, she'll be unstoppable.

Sky Ferreira's 'Night Time, My Time' is released March 17 through Polydor.

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