With her sophomore UK album, Sophie Delila offers up a record which she co-wrote in its entirety.

There are moments in the collection of songs that you're willing Sophie to push her vocals to their limits, but she remains tender and safe throughout, which pays off at times but leaves tracks lacking a little emotion at others.

'Nothing Hurts' is a catchy little number that captures your attention in the last few moments before dropping you completely then hitting you with nice ballad 'Cold War'.

Some of the tunes here sound a little Eurovision Song Contest - they're meaningful if sung with passion but it just feels like these are are without soul and so begins to grate as tedious, dreary and a little boring before too long.

That being said if you take it at face value for what it is, you could enjoy the fun numbers that also include 'Where Does The Love Go' and the title track that finally strikes a chord.

All this aside it's hard not to smile when you hear those raw moments of vocal vulnerability, impressive to hear someone confident to lay down their 'real' voice over one that's been put through a computer three times over.

As a piece of put-together work it flows well and sticks on or around the same wave-length throughout with some terrific production, but it unfortunately lets itself down in other places that cannot be glossed over.

'My Life Could Use A Remix' is out now.

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