Stereophonics - Graffiti On The Train

Stereophonics - Graffiti On The Train

Artist: Stereophonics

Album: Graffiti On The Train

Label: Stylus Records

Rating: 3/5

Stereophonics have had a career that makes for astonishing reading. Between 1999 and 2007, they had a phenomenal record of five straight number one albums in the UK charts, with four of those going platinum.

After taking four years out, the longest respite from the charts the group has ever had, they return with Graffiti On The Train an album which sees the band finally evolve and grow up after two rather uninspired records preceding it.

Ditching the simplistic ‘meat and potatoes’ rock and roll style that has been the stick critics beat them with for years, Graffiti On The Train is a much darker and adult record. Certainly inspired by the loss of their drummer in 2010, this sees Kelly Jones delivering an album that should see the band finally stop trying to recapture their past glories and try something new.

Jones’s voice remains a fine beacon to build music around, and while it’s lost a little of its intensity that made the band’s earlier work what it was, it’s gotten a maturity to its tone though that makes songs like the album’s title track and ‘No-one’s Perfect’ easily the highlights of the album.

It’s when the album slows down with those tracks and we’re able to drink in the surprisingly contemplative lyrics and Kelly’s tones that the album really finds its mark. The darker tone suits the band well, with the moody ‘In A Moment’ also a bright light in the album.

It might not be quite enough of a departure to win over a whole new crowd but this is still a fine record that will see fans of the Welsh rockers rewarded for their patience with a much needed development of their sound.


Stereophonics – Graffiti On The Train is available now.

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