"I think it ('Going To Hell') definitely represents what we sound like as a live band a lot more than 'Light Me Up' did." say Taylor Momsen in a recent interview with Female First.

That wonderful moment in the title track where you think the song is over just before one final strum really finishes things off and you hear the reverb right down to the last moment backs up that statement, and it's this magic that continues throughout the collection of tracks that makes this such a stand out.

It's clear that Taylor's honed her craft as a vocalist since TPR's first full length release, showing off her stellar voice that can warp and change itself to fit the style of each individual song.

That's another thing to note about 'Going To Hell' - every song seems fresh and brand new rather than using the same formula from those you've listened to already.

At times you feel like you shouldn't be listening to this music, but it's that sense of insecurity and panic that makes it all the more exciting. The album does after all start with a woman's moans before kicking things off with 'Follow Me Down'.

'Sweet Things' is another risqué one where dark sides are exposed and 'screamo' is implemented to further push the hellistic theme of the track. It's sinister yet satisfying, pushing the boundaries of what they've done before and setting the standard for what's to come.

They're to be applauded for allowing a distinct amount of time for instrumentals to shine before vocals and the minimal production used comes in. It's quite astonishing just why they've not yet had their major big break - they're getting there - and this surely has to be the record that tips them over the edge of an almost niche fanbase into something much more substantial.

The painful wait was definitely worth it, and if they need another large amount of time to come up with another album after this one, we won't mind one bit so long as it's every bit as great.

'Going To Hell' is out now.

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