'Ain't I spose to eat it too / if cake's on the menu?'

Trey Songz's new album 'Trigga' begins in the way you'd expect any modern RnB male-led record to kick off, and though he sings with a sometimes-crude lust for the opposite gender, it doesn't mean the record's an unpleasant one as can be the case.

There's no doubt about women being used as objects of affection in many of the tracks, but rather than singing of them as if they're a possession he's entitled to, Trey seems to treat them with admiration - he doesn't come across as a chauvinist, to put it bluntly.

The first collaboration on the collection comes from Nicki Minaj who spits her verse with precision, accuracy and confidence, adding a whole other layer to a tune ('Touchin, Lovin') that was already pretty brilliant.

Mila J comes next on 'Disrespectful', and the song's a catchy and infectious affair - one of the best on offer which gives Trey the chance to shine and show off his charismatic vocals whilst the relatively unknown Mila makes her talent be known - keep eyes peeled and ears open for her in the future.

The 'Foreign Remix' may have sounded better on the deluxe edition as a bonus track. Coming in at number eight after we heard the original at number two really throws the structure of everything off, and the addition of Justin Bieber does nothing for me personally. Beliebers will be excited to hear Justin further breaking into the genre, however. It seems more of a ploy to bring in a whole new portion of consumers rather than a creative decision.

Juicy J's verse on 'Late Night' is beyond impressive and his gruff tone blends perfectly with Trey's crooner style. This is a song that's been treated with a lot of love in the studio.

Doing the genre proud, 'Trigga' is an album that should cement Trey as a leading artist, but one that could do well with a couple more ballads here and there to show off the silky smooth vocals. 'SmartPhones' is great, but I want more.

There's hit after hit after hit, but for all of that we're missing a little bit of substance. At album number six we're experiencing a lack of major growth. He's honed in on his talent but there is a sense of a little something missing. I've learned nothing about Trey through the record other than he's good at creating smash hits, and he has a lot of love for the ladies.

'Trigga' is out now.

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