There's still no denying that Vance Joy's breakout single 'Riptide' is a musical masterpiece, and legions of fans have been anticipating his big album release ever since.

Now there's just under two weeks until 'Dream Your Life Away' hits shelves, and Vance has the perfect opportunity to prove he's not just another folk flash in the pan. Hefty expectations for sure.

Recorded in America with Ryan Hadlock - who boasts credits such as Foo Fighters and The Lumineers - the LP holds 13 songs in total, including 'Riptide' and 'From Afar'.

Thankfully, the distinct and unique tone he possesses isn't lost, and from the opening notes of 'Winds Of Change' you're captivated in songs that straddle the genre and commercialisation well.

Passion is given in spades during 'Wasted Time' - a work that begins with a slow and intriguing warble detailing the pains of falling in unrequited love and culminating in what feels like a push to convince oneself that a change has happened, and the feelings are no longer there.

"The things that I thought would last / Well they're fading, they're fading / The feelings I used to have / Well they're changing, they're changing"

A lot of what is on offer here could be put into the same category. Vance told Female First in an interview last year that he gains inspiration from movies and what people say, trying to fill his creativity pot with as much creative material as possible. And as much as this is recognisable and true, the upbeat and quick pace of 'Riptide' doesn't ever seem to be matched.

There's a reason it gained Vance so many fans - it was the perfect summer song and radio-friendly. Unfortunately, not much else here looks to have the ability to go mainstream and make it except perhaps 'First Time' - the new single out September 14.

However, that may not be Vance's aim. If he's looking to make music that he loves and pleases the avid fans, he's doing a fantastic job.

'Red Eye', like 'Wasted Time' is one that refuses to let up on holding your attention right up until its final moments, taking the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions and relatable scenarios.

'Georgia' is a warming treat as is 'All I Ever Wanted', before closing track 'My Kind Of Man' slows things right down so that listeners can wind down, take in everything they've heard and bathe in bliss and relaxation.

This is a collection of songs that are above all else, real. Though I had personally hoped for a little more, I'm not completely disappointed. This is a strong offering and a punch to the gut for those that thought folk could never make it into the public's gaze.

Vance Joy's 'Dream Your Life Away' is released September 15.

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