Damn Vandals - This Amazing

Damn Vandals - This Amazing

Artist: Damn Vandals

Single: This Amazing

Label: Sexy Beast


Rating: 4/5

Damn Vandals released their debut album Done For Desire earlier this year and now they are back with their new single This Amazing.

This Amazing is an upbeat track and the guitars really drive it forward giving it a real richness as well as intent.

The deep and powerful vocals of Jack Kansas are on show once again as this is another great vocal from the front man.

There is a rich quality to the deep end of his vocal that really creates an atmosphere on the track as well as a strained emotion that just sounds fantastic.

Kansas’ voice has been likened to David Bowie and Jim Morrison and it is not hard to see why as he just has a real presence on the record and really demands your full attention.

Trouble With Jesus is the B side on the single and they bring down the pace with this song and there is a real swagger it.

These two tracks show a completely different sides to their sounds - this second song has more of a seventies rock feel to it while This Amazing has more of an indie sound.

Damn Vandals are one of the most exciting rock bands in the UK at the moment and This Amazing is another track that will see them continue their rise.

Damn Vandals - This Amazing is out now

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