Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Artist: Maria Doyle Kennedy

Single: Am I Choosing Right


Rating: 3.5/5

Maria Doyle Kennedy has made a bit of a splash with her acting work with roles in the likes of The Tudors and Titanic but this week she shows off another string to her bow with the release of her debut UK single Am I Choosing Right.

Kennedy has already released four albums in her native Ireland and she brings her folk style and great song-writing to a wider audience.

Am I Choosing Right is the first track from her new album Sing and it is an incredibly soulful record and really shows off the great voice that Kennedy has.

There is a very sensual feel to her vocal and the upbeat nature of the record suits her voice incredibly well as she brings real life to the lyrics.

There is also some great instrumentation on this record from the guitar to the harmonica and it all just supports her vocal so beautifully.

Am I Choosing Right is a reflective song that has real heart and Maria’s vocals are packed with this great emotion from start to finish.

The UK may not know Maria Doyle Kennedy as a singer but all that is set to change with this single and her forthcoming album.

Maria Doyle Kennedy - Am I Choosing Right is out now

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