The Longsands

The Longsands

Artist: The Longsands

Single: Shut Your Mouth

Label: Unknown Soldier Records


Rating: 4/5

The release of The Longsands’ latest album Meet Me In Spanish City is just around the corner but before we get to enjoy that record they are releasing their latest single Shout Your Mouth.

And the Newcastle five piece are set to raise the roof with this new single as it is a great slice of pop/rock.

If the rest of the album Meet Me In Spanish City is anything like then we are in for a real track as this track brims with energy from the opening chords to fine strum of the guitar.

It’s clear that The Longsands have been influenced by the guitar bands of the nineties but they have developed a powerful and melodic sound that is very much their own.

The melodies on this track with have you tapping your foot and nodding your head until they give way to a pumping chorus that is the heart and soul of this track.

And the band shows off a completely different side to themselves with Berlin, the B-side to the single in what is a superb acoustic performance from the band.

Where Shout Your Mouth is a track brimming with energy Berlin is a song that is just packed with emotion, not to mention that Trevor Cox’s vocals and show off in all their glory.

The Longsands have showed their versatility with the two very different tracks on the this single and while Shut Your Mouth with getting the energy buzzing when played live Berlin, when play with an acoustic guitar, is the type of track that will truly captivate an audience.

Really looking forward to the release of the album.

The Longsands - Shout Your Mouth is out now

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