Adam Lambert returned this week with his brand new surprise track 'Welcome To The Show', featuring Swedish star Laleh.

Rousing and emotional, the song allows Lambert to showcase his incomparable vocal range on a track that wouldn't sound out of place on a Sia record.

As seems to be tradition with Adam, he first lays the foundation of the song out delicately before building immeasurably upon that and, with Laleh, he's found a beautiful and enigmatic talent who can more than hold her own when soaring alongside him.

The lyrics: 'You know I have a veil / All covered up to myself / It's always there / Now they wanna know / How does it feel? / Gonna let it show / That I'm happy to / Entertain, share with you / It's hard to say / How your own thoughts can hurt you / I'm gonna let them stare / They feel like me out there / So welcome to the show', are all extremely evocative and force the listener into a sense of security with the performers.

Could Adam be talking about his true life in the spotlight? He's genuinely quite a private person when it comes to personal goings on, keeping it all away from the glare of the public eye, but through this song he appears at his most vulnerable, letting it all hang out and giving the listener the option of bringing about their own conclusions.

The glamour, mystery and attraction surrounding Adam is something that has remained solid throughout his career and doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast.

'Welcome To The Show' is honestly a beautiful addition to his catalogue of music and I for one cannot wait to see just where his career will be headed next.

'Welcome To The Show' featuring Laleh is available worldwide now on iTunes.

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