Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons is a very interesting artist, with a rich tone to his voice that invites you in and leaves you wanting to hear more and more of what he has to offer.

'The Occupant' is his upcoming second single, lifted from his anticipated album 'The Boy Will Learn', which is due for release in early 2014.

He shows off his extensive skills at weaving instrumental including a beautiful guitar arrangement with his unique vocals, ultimately delivering a treat for the ears.

Simmons doesn't want to be just another singer, and he makes that clear with the story put forward in this song, and one that looks set to continue throughout the rest of the album.

“I wanted to challenge myself more and to make a record that flows as a piece, rather than recording loads of good songs and sticking them together." he said.

The single is due for release November 26, distributed via Believe Digital.

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