Friday Club

Friday Club

The band describe themselves as 'punk infused garage rock’n’roll.' 

They have played a handful of prestigious gigs and worked extremely hard to get their music promoted, they have also received some excellent feedback from their fans due to the posting of their songs online.

They now officially release their new track All I Wanna Do Is. (Which is available for free download)

The song is upbeat, easy-listening and slightly seductive. I love the way they sing their lyrics in a nonchalant manner, their words are raw, brash and extremely honest.

All I Wanna Do Is a blend of electric guitars, harsh baselines and drums which creates an organic sound but what fuels the song the most is the carefree attitude which is sharpened with rebellion.

The song has an infectious chorus as the lead vocalist sings ‘All I Wanna Do Is f**k/ All I Wanna do is drink/ All I Wanna do is spend/ Money on stuff that I don’t need.’  

Counteract Magazine reviewed the song also and said that it is ‘music that seems to encapsulate the meaning of feel good.’

Hooting and Howling Magazine also reviewed the song and said that they have ‘an instant, timeless catchiness to their sound.’

They have the ability to create a catchy and addictive tune, so I am very excited to hear the next song from the band. Their music is immediately engaging.

Friday Club reminds me of a British version of the Alternative American band The Neon Trees. Both vocalists in both bands have a similar raspy tone to their voice and the bands create similar music, it is definitely a compliment to Friday Club though because The Neon Trees are one of my favourite bands. 

The song is available for free download now via soundcloud.

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