EP Cover

EP Cover

Holocene formed in September of 2011 and I can definitely hear the musical influences from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon in their sound. The band is quickly becoming popular and a strong fanbase has already been secured after their successful debut gig at the 02 Academy in Birmingham.

The band members are Bishan Davies (vocals and rhythm guitar), Marcello Sanzari (lead guitarist), Aaron Barnett (bass), and Benedict Campbell (drums and backing vocals.)

Flaws In Us All didn’t demand immediate attention when I first listened to it. However, it does have strong vocals that seduce and smoulder above the soft rock guitar melodies and memorable lyrics. It opens with a deep baseline with slight percussion and immediately I hear a slight punk feel to the track.

The vocals of Davies are powerful and distinctive but also manage to blend perfectly with the backing vocals. The accompanying song Grab My Coat is another excellent track that lays down an irresistible guitar beat before it is joined by the rest of the band in a mix of power pop/indie rock. The song is full of infectious hooks and contagious rhythms.

I really enjoyed listening to both tracks and I believe that Holocene is a band well worth keeping a close eye on and Flaws In Us All is a single certainly worth adding to your playlists.

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